How to take care of human hair extensions

by sierra kehus

Human hair extensions can be difficult to maintain and to keep long lasting sometimes. There are tips and tricks you can take to ensure your hair lasts as long as possible, because we know how pricy extensions can be to keep replacing.

1. Do not wash the hair unless absolutely necessary

I have been wearing hair extensions for five years and I have noticed the hair I never washed lasted the longest. When you wash hair extensions it strips away any shine or oil it may have leading them to look frizzy and dried out. All the conditioners and masks in the world won’t bring dead extensions back to life.

2. Keep them in a box or bag every night to avoid them getting tangled or ratted

3. Do not color them 

Hair extension companies may tell you that coloring the hair is fine but that will only ruin them faster causing you to have to purchase a new set

4. Use minimal heat on them regardless if you are using heat protectant spray.

Heat will damage hair regardless of all the sprays that claim to protect it.