Are Synthetic Hair Extensions Any Good? Should I Only Buy Human Hair?

by Nolan Johnson



You will always see people talking negatively about synthetic hair or that you should buy remy human hair. People will disagree about whether or not you can use heat on synthetic extensions, and the answer is that you CAN.

Beauty schools alike use synthetic hair for their classes. Students must learn how to perform curls and straighten hair with synthetic hair. If it wasn't possible to use heat on this hair, they wouldn't use it in cosmetology school.

You are probably wondering why you would even buy synthetic when you might as well buy human hair. I will tell you that synthetic is much more affordable (for obvious reasons) If your extensions get lost, stolen, or damaged.. you will be able to rest at night knowing you didn't spend upwards of $300 on them. You can replace the sets more often which allows you to keep your hair fresh.

After wearing human hair for a month or two, they start to look bad. (In my experience) After a month or two, I regret spending that much. With synthetic hair, you can wear them for a month or two and easily replace them for under $40. 

Synthetic Hair is also easier to style and manage. Did you ever notice how a synthetic wig (not a cheap one) looks pretty darn good? Yeah, it's because human hair is prone to frizz and gets hard to manage when in different temperatures. This is not the case for synthetic hair, it is much easier to keep it tame.

Do I have you convinced to join the synthetic hair club?

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